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Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
signing people up to register to give money through facebook and twitter. the romney campaign obviously got a later start because he was not the incumbent but also i think didn't quite have the fervent belief that this deserved a lot of resources. >> suarez: the romney campaign, however, did have a computer-based modelling system like the obama campaign, called orca. >> like the whale and it failed by all accounts. it didn't do what it was supposed to do on election day which was to get, to find out who was voting and who wasn't so they could get the supporters out to make sure that those people were voting. >> and the romney campaign did put a lot of resources into that system. and unfortunately for that side, it crashed. a lot of volunteers went home. they couldn't get the information about identifying voters. and this was supposed to be its answer to the restauranted obama ground game, the president's team that he had spent a couple years putting in place. coming back to this question of digital spending, if you go to the next graphic. look at the increase from 2008 when the presiden
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Nov 16, 2012 1:00am PST
's what mitt romney picked up on and by the way, to put it in context, he was speaking to campaign donors. he was explaining look, you gave me all this money and i didn't win and one of the reasons was i couldn't overcome the entitlement society. that was my analysis as well. is that what you get tremendous amount of money flowing out of washington, into certain hands, that the hands that receive that money are not going to want it to stop. so therefore, they're going to devote, which they did, all the stats show they did, income under $30,000 overwhelmingly broke for barak obama. so i don't think the governor's analysis was wrong whereas governor jindal does think it was wrong. i think he's right on the money, mr. salesman. >> i think he lost for a couple different reasons. when the governor was talking about his agenda, it seemed like the campaign strategy was we're not going to like obama because there is 8% unemployment. barak obama gave at least a reason why to vote for him to his supporters, all be it wrong. governor romney -- >> bill: no. the reason wasn't wrong. mr. obama said cle
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Nov 16, 2012 3:00pm EST
. there will be things are going to happen but nothing should take anybody by surprise. the big money guys are still way behind the market, a forest of september, october. also betting on romney. every right wing republican said no, no. statistically it wasn't going to happen. but we needed a correction, we are getting a correction. into december, the fiscal cliff, remember charlie brown and lucy? this is charlie brown and lucy. when the football away, will come down to the 11th hour. they will do the down payment, there will be the down payment which we will agree to disagree on this, 10%. at the end of the day, i have many people telling me about her is working groups already putting together, they know what it will be. liz: either way they have to, they are paid to invest. they're paid to, so i have to by year-end in some kind of investment with their clients money. >> 80% of the hedge funds are below the index fund, so the people getting paid nothing or 20 basis points per year, take 20%. liz: so all of those you are paying and they aren't even matching the s&p 500. >> and we understand we have this
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm PST
people like. it isn't like voting democratically. it's like putting the money in the jukebox and out comes the money. what kind of game is he proposing here? >> well, i think the thing you need to keep in mind about governor romney is, a, he's shocked that he lost. he mentioned that on the call, too. he really can't quite get over that he lost. he really thought he was going to win. and he's a data-driven guy. so he's already sort of doing a postmortem going back -- >> this is data mining. >> -- trying to figure out what went wrong. and this is one of the things -- >> mayor, it's interesting that a money guy -- i've always noted the sort of symmetry of politics, the mutuality -- people that have a little problem wethics always kutz other pers accuse the other person of ethics problem. someone who bought everything he ever got including his highly paid staff in the campaign. everybody was happy with using money on that side. he assumes he must have been outbid. >> that's exactly what someone who thinks he can buy votes was in fact doing. this guy is a salesman, chris. he doesn't know
Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
. and they are making awfully good money. >>> president obama read a letter at his press conference yesterday from a romney voter in tennessee who urged him to make a fiscal cliff deal. that man is about to join us live. >>> plus, as we stand at the precipice of the cliff, is compromise possible? we'll ask congress jeff flake. all that up next on "kudlow." >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report." i'm larry kudlow. in this half hour, benghazi-gate rears its ugly head again today. two months after the deadly terrorist attack on our u.s. consulate in libya, lawmakers are finally briefed by intelligence, state and fbi officials. >>> call it president obama's bad medicine. my 2025 research shows the u.s. will have a full-blown doctor shortage because of obama care. >>> first up, with 46 days until the country's economy plummets off the tax and fiscal cliff, new signs tonight that democrats are digging in when it comes to raising taxes on the rich. take a listen to a letter president obama read in his first second-term press conference yesterday. >> it came from a man in tennessee who began by writing t
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
of the loopholes and creating a giant loophole that you can shift money in. i think the ira and if you look this isn't a shot at mitt romney but if you look at the tax return that he released, a big hunk of the way that he was manipulating things to the lower tax liability was in fact through the big ira. so i just don't think that's right. >> i think the most -- the thing to think about is at the rate structure, its 15, 25, 35 consumption. but it is the base that matters and that's where you get the important tax policy decisions. this is a broad base than we have right now and most of what we do is subsidized in the tax code which is highly inefficient so a much broader base that you can actually raise a lot of revenue and we raised too much in my view but it means something and this is what they take out of the economy. that is the right way to orient. >> the consumption tax on income as well we go about it in different ways and we don't have a progressive tax. we disagree on that. but ours is all about not taxing people for what they put into the economy, allowing people to save, incent
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
a bunch of money on the government to a group and guess what? they'll vote for you. >> eliot: an analysis that left romney lamenting his loss with this. >> romney: the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> eliot: kind of brings back memories of romney's infamous 47% video. white house press secretary jay carney disagreed with romney telling reporters and i quote "i think that the view of the american people, of the electorate and of the election is at odds with the truth of what happened last week." but romney's harshest critics have been leading republicans and as fast as romney tried to tear down bridges louisiana governor bobby jindal tried rebuilding them. >> absolutely reject that notion, that description. i think that's absolutely wrong. that is not -- i don't think that represents where we are as a party and where we're going as a party. i think that's got to be one of the most fundamental take aways from this election. >> eliot: karl rove had a different take on romney's electoral p
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
a bunch of money from the government to a group and guess what? they'll vote for you. >> romney even had suggestions for democrats about more free stuff to offer voters. >> what i would do if i were a democrat, running four years from now, i'd say, you know what, dental care ought to be included in obama care. immigration we can solve, but the giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> does he not want to solve the immigration problem in this country? i hope the republicans don't change at all. mitt romney's parting shot on the national stage has left republicans scrambling. most members of the parties, you know what they did, they stuck behind mitt romney when this 47% video came out and was revealed to the public. this time, the knives are out. conservative louisiana governor bobby jindal doesn't want romney's comments to ruin the party's electoral chances. >> this is completely unhelpful. this is not where the republican party needs to go. look, we want -- if you want voters to like you, the first thing you've got to do is to like them first. and it certainly is not he
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Nov 16, 2012 3:00pm PST
dollars in revenue over ten years, accomplishing mr. obama's goal of getting more money from the wealthy. >> nearly all of it would come from high income people. remember that about 70% of people don't itemize at all. >> so, mitt romney once proposed the same idea during the campaign and the recent news conference and mr. obama talked as if the only way he knew to tackle deductions was trimming them one by one. >> raise revenue through dynamic scoring or closing loopholes that have not been identified. >> a cap on deductions though has the benefit of avoiding arguments over specific deductions by just limiting the total. so, it should not affect the small businesses, it appears on its face to be a fairway to go. >> and the democratic senator kent conrad says there's renewed interest in a cap. and the 750 billion dollars in revenue from the cap would approach the take from the rate increase on the wealthy and congress and the president's budget office put that at 825 to 850 billion and the president adds in other things. >> it's very difficult to see how you make up that trillion dollars
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Nov 16, 2012 9:20am EST
agree. this is our money, fiscal money, taxpayer dollars at work. stuart: more with the company next. @ stuart: time for the highliiht reel. all charles. stuart: mitt romney told his big donors he cannot compete with gifts president obama was offering. i did not fit well with charles. >> is not going to work. they have to yell, those are wooden horses, did not let them in. stuart: gifts to various blogs of people help president obama win reelection. >> it is not a gift, it is a perk. it is a curse. we all want free stuff, what about in washington right now? stuart: why don't you bring that kind of fire to the program? thank you very much for being with us today. it is yours. dagen: and no expletives. thank you so much. i am dagen mcdowell. all talk, where his action? the big action on avoiding the spending cuts and tax increases. more
Nov 16, 2012 1:00pm PST
at least a reason why to vote for him to his supporters, albeit wrong. governor romney -- >> no, the reason wasn't wrong though. mr. obama said quite clearly, if you vote for me i'm going to give you money. am i wrong, miss schaefer, am i wrong about this? [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪ starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. [ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who'
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
heard this i was reminded of the 47% hidden camera tape of mitt romney. i want to play a little more from this conference call, one of the two he held with donors. listen. >> it's a proven political strategy which is give a bunch of money from the government to a group and guess what, they'll vote for you. let me tell you what i would do if i were a democrat running four years from now. i would say you know what, dental care ought to be included in obama care. immigration, we can solve but giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> mary, what do you make of the calls, his comment? >> i'm glad you played some more and i completely agree with anna. you never know in what context this was said. it's just like the 47%. but the reason i became a conservative, i grew up a liberal democrat. the reason i became a conservative is so everybody, no matter of race, gender, class, could have the same opportunities for upward mobility. that's the better way to say what he's saying. you don't -- women don't get upward mobility opportunities because they get free contraception. the o
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
, opening doors and advocating and contributing money. paul singer, one of the biggest donors to the republican party of the finance chair of mitt romney, one of the single greatest winterfest on the issue of marriage equality specifically. that helped us open those doors. we have to see what the opportunities are. senator susan collins has been tremendous. you know, without her support, we wouldn't have had the victories that we have had. my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? the vast majority of people supported it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allowed this to go forward. reparations are ahead of congress. many companies have moved forward and have inclusive practices. more than half the states in this country, you can be fired simply for being lgbt. it is outrageous. those who are unwilling to move forward, it is such a simple concept. the most american of values. .. trying to be recognized and have children and don't have health care and your watching the affordable care of, proba
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
didn't get much of their money but we wound up in some respects with the status quo and that tens of millions of dollars of loans for mitt romney and he went over in the races he supported so the turnout doesn't matter that much. the influence of superpacs has been exaggerated. >> i think that we are just beginning to see the influence of superpacs and they are nonprofit affiliate's. first of all come on the democratic side tight turns out that there superpacs have a pretty good day and on the republican and democratic side, i think five donors are going to find the had a pretty good investment because while the big republican superpacs were at a terrible batting average, they are now known to the party, they are known to the congressional leadership certainly the republican party is going to hope to convince them to play a significant role in the midterm elections and i think as a result they are the elite of american politics when it comes to their ability to get phone calls returned and the interest the party is going to show them going forward. >> do you agree with that overal
Nov 15, 2012 8:00pm EST
these last few years and opening doors and advocating a country beating money not only to these campaigns but having a conversation with those that he is close to. paul singer, one of the big donors to the republican party, the finance chair from that romney one of the single greatest philanthropist on the issue of equality in marriage and equality specifically. ted olsen, we could go on and on but the more we have leaders like that to force that conversation with those elected officials come thither doors wanting meetings, money and fund-raisers that question gets asked in that dialogue happens and i think that helps us further open those doors. we have to see what those opportunities are. we have somebody been leaders for a long time. senator susan collins has been tremendous and without her support we wouldn't have the victories that we have had that my hope is that we will have a lot more that follow her lead. >> what about the democrats? reid has -- are you going to put pressure on him to deliver on that? >> look, it is a crime that we still don't have workplace protection in this co
Nov 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
to open the doors. look at what can has done. advocating, contributing money to these campaigns and having conversations with those he is close to. paul singer, of the biggest donors to the republican party, the finance chair from mitt romney is one of the single greatest the lampas on the issue of equality and marriage equality. we could go on and on. the more we have leaders like that, that for such conversation, when those elected officials come to their doors one in meetings, money, fundraisers, that dialogue happens. that helps us further open the restores. we have to see what the opportunities are. some have been davis for long- a long time. my hope is we will have more that follow susan colin' lead. >> about the democrats? are you going to put the pressure on harry reid to deliver on that? >> it is a crime that we still do not have workplace protection in this country. the vast majority of americans supported. the vast majority of republicans and conservatives reported. support it. it is outrageous that we have had some elected officials who have not allow this to go forward. many c
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)